Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu Making of (Director’s cut) from Lobulo on Vimeo.

Sebastian and Lobulo team joined forces again to create a new city.
This time more complex, bigger and with unique design for each building.
We worked side by side with DigitasLBI Scandinavian on this project for Radisson Blu.
The city and the camera movements where the main character of a site where you can play discovering the
5 different cities who conform a huge main city.
Raddison blu “Paper City” game

Client: Radisson Blu
Creative Director: Nicolas Verhelpen
Producer: Maria Simonsen
Directors: Lobulo & Sebastián Baptista
Art Director: Lobulo Design
Technical Director: Sebastián Baptista
Producer: Laia Zanon
Designer and assistant: Fabian Friedrich
DOP: Alex Sans
Assistant on set: Guillermo Torres
Set electrician: Xavier Oms