Hamburger Hummus

Hamburger Hummus (Making of & Project) from Lobulo on Vimeo.

Hamburger Hummus is a website that showcases the innovative and culturally diverse aspects of modern Israeli life. Sebas and I were in charge of making the background for it, but not any kind of background, a video looping background made entirely in paper were everything needed to be perfectly though beforehand.

Here you can take a look of the final project made by Tool of NA:

Ben Arditti (Reach) contacted me and after I heard the word “in movement” I called Sebas to make it together. We were lucky to have amazing professional friends who made a great team.

Credits & Crew:
Agency: SS+K
Direct Client: Tool of North America
Representation: Reach (Ben Arditti)
Directors: Lobulo & Sebastián Baptista
DOP: Alex Sans
Producer: Belén Palos
Mechanical Systems: Hamill Industries
Postproduction: lorent Bastide
Extra help/love: Guillermo Torres